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Map and Timeline

To build the network, the region was divided into 15 local access zones. The following map outlines when each zone will be finished and the names of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) building the local networks. Most local access networks are nearly complete, with delays on small portions of some zones due to local approval processes and/or other logistics. Even if a zone isn’t fully built, expanded services may still be available. Click on the zone name for more details on its progress.

The entire project is to be completed in 2014, with opportunities for future growth. Contracts were awarded to ISPs who demonstrated that they would invest in building local access networks that will reach to the greatest number of households. However, all ISPs will have equal access to the fibre optic backbone in order to expand their services.

Important notes:
*In some areas, more than one ISP was awarded a contract in order to reach as many households as possible. Please note that not all listed ISPs will be available throughout an entire zone. As well, in many zones, services from other ISPs are also available.

If the terrestrial (wired or wireless) service does not reach your location, a high speed satellite option is available throughout the Eastern Ontario Regional Network Region from Xplornet Communications Inc. at 1-866-943-8632 or


.Eorn Zone Names Expected Service Availability to Household Contract Awarded to Project Status /  EORN Partner Contact Information
  Satellite Services* Available Now Xplornet 1-866-943-8632

Embrun Embrun Available Now
Xplornet 1-866-943-8632

Quinte- Loyalist Quinte- Loyalist Available Now Xplornet 1-866-943-8632

Northumberland, Highlands, South Nation Northumberland Available Now Xplornet 1-866-943-8632
Highlands Available Now Bell Aliant 310-BELL
South Nation Available Now Bell Aliant & Xplornet
310-BELL or 1-866-943-8632

Quinte- Loyalist Haliburton Available Now Bell Aliant 310-BELL.
Kawartha Available Now Bell Aliant, Nexicom & Xplornet
310-BELL, 705-775-NEXI or 1-866-943-8632.

Ottawa Valley South 
Ottawa Valley North Available Now Bell Aliant 310-BELL.
Ottawa Valley South Available Now Bell Aliant & Storm 310-BELL or 1-866-25-STORM

Lanark, SD&G, Dorset Seabright Lanark Available Now
Bell Aliant & Storm 310-BELL. or 1-866-25-STORM
SD&G Available Now Bell Aliant & Xplornet 310-BELL or 1-866-943-8632
Dorset Available Now Bell Aliant 310-BELL
Sebright Available Now
Xplornet 1-866-943-8632

Hastings North Thousand Islands Hastings North
Available Now Bell Aliant 310-BELL.
Thousand Islands Available Now Xplornet 1-866-943-8632