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The Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus is spearheading EORN with the support of government and private sector partners:

  • The federal government will contribute $55 million;
  • The provincial government will contribute $55 million ;
  • The EOWC has contributed another $10 million; and,
  • Private sector investment may total $50 million or more.

Starting in 2010, a series of competitive bids were used to select private partners to build the network. Bell and Bell Aliant have begun building a fibre optic backbone for the network, while Xplornet Communications is already providing satellite Internet service at improved pricing for Eastern Ontario customers. For local access contracts, seven Requests for Proposals were issued to cover the EORN region.
Becoming a Partner

As the network grows, there may be future opportunities for Internet service providers to partner with EORN in order to meet our goals for access, speed and price. 
Additionally, our open access policy, which applies to all contracts, means that ISPs can purchase transport bandwidth or work with others to leverage new local access networks.
This section of the website is for ISPs who want to learn more about business-to-business opportunities through EORN. Please fill out the form below to register and an email will be sent to you confirming your log in information.

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