Municipal Wi-Fi

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e-Government Toolkit

Municipalities in Eastern Ontario are adopting e-government policies and technologies to alleviate financial pressures and to provide better service to their citizens. As Eastern Ontario municipalities have better access to broadband service than they did even a few years ago, a major barrier to e-government has fallen.

The improved connectivity is due to the efforts of the Eastern Ontario Warden's Caucus (EOWC) and the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN). Working with the province of Ontario, the federal government, and a number of telecommunications companies, they have improved broadband coverage and speeds available across the region.

The EOWC and EORN are currently working on efforts to further improve the coverage and speeds of fixed and mobile broadband internet infrastructure available to residents, businesses, and public sector users in Eastern Ontario.

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Municipal Wi- Fi

The EORN has made a $260 million investment in high speed broadband networks supporting broadband services across most of Eastern Ontario. This investment in high quality, reliable broadband service will support economic development throughout the Region. It will entice businesses to locate in the region and help retain businesses and talent. Eastern Ontario communities can leverage the backhaul capacity provided through that investment, to deploy free public Wi-Fi and increase access to connectivity.

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E-Business Tool kit

EORN created a 10-year Digital Strategy to ensure that the broadband network fulfils its potential to deliver economic growth and improved quality of life to Eastern Ontario communities. In particular, the success of our small and mediumsized
businesses is critical to the future success of Eastern Ontario businesses and the economic prosperity of our Region.
Understanding and using new online business applications can be daunting and overwhelming. This eBusiness Tool Kit is an educational resource to help SMEs learn how to use a broad range of online applications to find new customers, improve
productivity, and grow employment and wages.

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Mapping the Innovation Ecosytem in Eastern Ontario

Innovation is "a process through which economic or social value is extracted fromknowledge--by creating, diffusing, and transforming ideas--to produce new or improved products, services, and processes."

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