Improving Cell Service

EORN is spearheading a $213-million public-private partnership to improve cell service across the region. Both the federal and provincial governments have committed $71 million each. All municipal members of the EOWC and most of the EOMC have also committed the municipal share of funding. Cell carriers will contribute the balance of funding to build new infrastructure.

The project also relies on the fibre optic network built during EORN's Phase 1 project to improve broadband access across the region. This fibre backbone can also support improved mobile services by providing added capacity to carry the data.

The goal is to provide 99% of the areas where there are homes, businesses and major roads with cell calling service. It will also further expand cell data coverage and capacity to support the use of typical smartphone apps and streaming video.

The project has the potential to:

  • Create more than 3,000 full-time equivalent jobs and spur $420 million in new business revenue over 10 years.
  • Improve safety so people aren't left stranded with “no signal.”
  • Provide greater choice to residents in areas where traditional broadband isn't available.
  • Ready the region for the next evolution of technology.

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