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Improving cellular coverage and capacity

EORN Cell Gap Project

Valued at more than $300 million, the Cell Gap Project will involve construction of approximately 300 new telecommunications sites and the upgrade of more than 300 existing sites.  

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Improving Connectivity

EORN has been serving communities across eastern Ontario since 2010. 

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Tower Locations


Find out where proposed cell towers will be located with this high-level map.

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The higher speed internet has truly allowed us to flourish in the community. It's allowed us to grow in the community where we started and where we want to stay.

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Ian MacGillivray


Beau's All Natural Brewing Company

The new high-speed connection will improve the quality of service that we can provide to our community members- linking them to better health care services as well as new educational and economic opportunities.

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Chief James Marsden


Alderville First Nation, 2013

The high-speed internet access is key to our future and to being financially sustainable destination that will benefit the community for generations to come.

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Karen Jopling, Operations Manager - 2016


Lang Pioneer Village Museum

Expanding high-capacity, high-speed internet fibre to key commercial areas is helping us attract and retain local businesses. It is a real boost for our community and economic development.

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Peter Mertens, Mayor - 2016


Prince Edward County

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