Meet our team

The EORN Team is made up of staff from across Eastern Ontario who want to make a positive impact on the prosperity of our communities.

EORN Co-Leads

Jim Pine 
Chief Administrative Officer -Hastings County

Stephane Parisien 
Chief Administrative Officer - ComtĂ©s unis de Prescott-Russell

Mike Rutter 
Chief Administrative Officer - Haliburton County


Chief Executive Officer

David Fell


Communications Division

Communications Director

Lisa Severson

Policy Analyst

Marco Smits

Customer Service and Support Assistant

Heather Wrightly


Technical Division

Director of Technology

Paula Preston

Project Manager

Claudio Menendez

Cell Network Analyst

Roger Fitch

Technical Analyst

Koren Lam

GIS Analyst

Matt Fairfield

GIS Analyst - Peterborough County


Finance Division

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Hirvi

Financial Analyst

Tony Bird 
Financial Analyst - Hastings County


Procurement Specialist

Sheridan Graham

Director, Corporate Projects & Services - Peterborough County