We are extremely pleased that the Provincial and Federal governments have announced their commitment to fund the EORN mobile/cell gap project.

EORN is presently in the midst of negotiating the contribution agreement with the Province and has received a letter from the Honourable Laurie Scott the Minister of Infrastructure in this regard.

The EORN team, in partnership with Peterborough County procurement has commenced the procurement process for the project.

Our goals are to ensure an Honest, Open and Transparent process for all providers.  As such, the EORN Board has supported direction to staff and Board members not to engage in dialogue or show support for any project of, or any one provider that may have an interest in bidding on the EORN project.

The project may have multiple procurement opportunities as well and may extend for some time.  We are committed to ensuring this process is fair to all proponents.  We have requested that EOWC and their local municipalities and EOMC members not show support for any particular provider on any project related to cellular or mobile broadband at this time. 

Any inquiries or requests can be forwarded to EORN staff David Fell dfell@eorn.ca or Lisa Severson lseverson@eorn.ca or address directly to: Sheridan Graham, EORN Procurement Specialist at sgraham@ptbocounty.ca